Dr. Daniel Hampikian (known for some reason as Dr. Dan) is a Professor for the Games, Interactive Media, and Mobile Technology (GIMM) program in the College of Innovation and Design at Boise State University.

Current courses taught for the GIMM program:

For free resources provided to the public and used in the courses below click on the course page link in the descriptions

The list of current courses taught by Dr. Dan include:

GIMM 300: Advanced Mobile and Web Development

GIMM 350: Game Development

GIMM 400: Advanced Game Development

GIMM 480: Digital Portfolio


I have always wanted to help people improve their physical and mental wellbeing, and after studying computer science, philosophy, psychology, and neuroscience for many years, found that creating and teaching others to create software was an ideal way to help people become their best selves.

I began my career as an academic in philosophy, and became interested in minds and how they improve, degrade, and process emotions and information. This led me to get my phd in philosophy and specialize in ethics and philosophy of mind.

After teaching for several years, I became interested in AI, and decided that the best way to acquire knowledge in this area was to learn how to create AI, so I retrained myself as a computer scientist both on my own and by taking computer science classes at BSU.

Eventually I found that I was most useful and fulfilled as a teacher teaching both technology and philosophy together, and found a place where that was welcomed in the GIMM department at Boise State University.

I am always looking for collaborations and projects to engage in with innovative, creative, and motivated individuals. If you have an idea for software, artwork, or music please reach out on social media or by email below.

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