Dr. Dan's original music

All Songs Composed, Performed, and Recorded by Daniel Hampikian

Next Life

Video (rough cut)


You watched them stick the needles in my veins

That's no way for me to feel alive again

I want to possess you make you smile

So I'm singing to you, from the next life


This world can be

Cold and lonely

When you can't hear me

Why can't you hear me anymore


Now it seems I'm invisible to you

Just a face in the crowd not even someone you once knew

If only you were, incomplete like me

Maybe then, you would see

More Than


One foot in front of the other now

No fault, no blame, keep your head down

The chorus of pain, drives me insane now

I've got to break away, into a different sound


Do you know what I mean

Your eyes have seen

What made me be

More than me


You stand your ground, the bombs are falling round

You put that shovel away, you put it down now

And the chorus of pain, rises up from the ground

You've got to break away, into a different sound

Video (rough cut)