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Philosophy PowerPoints

These PowerPoint presentations were all developed for my contemporary moral issues and critical thinking/ethics class I have been developing over the last couple years and beginning to edit for public consumption over the last 6 months. They are far from complete or comprehensive, but a good guide to the standard moral issues, theories, and concepts taught in any introductory applied ethics class.

Just War Theory

What, if anything, is a 'just war'.

Applied Logic

The logical structure of arguments and application to a case study: Moral Skepticism

Duty Based Ethics

Kantian Deontology critically explained


Is morality relative to the individual or culture? Probably not, but it's complicated.

MDB Magazine Template displayed on iPhone

Does morality depend solely on good consequences, i.e. maximizing happiness and minimizing suffering?

Virtue Ethics

Theoretical and practical elements of virtue ethics analyzed and explained

Social Contract Theory

Could morality be understood as an implicity social agreement?

Feminist Ethical Theory

Care Ethics: A more recent alternative ethical perspective